"The Dollar Initiative"

Look in your wallet/purse.. Open the drawer on your bed stand.. Look inside the purse that you carried last month.. How many dollars do you find? How many spare changes do you see? Out of that, are you generous enough to let go of that almost forgotten $1 that you own?

8 million people have been affected by earthquake in our country, 6000+ so far known to have died, tens of thousands homeless without food and water. Will you be able to help us?

Our channel has 31k subscribers and if each of you only donate $1 we could reach out 100s of people here in Nepal and provide them with their immediate needs. But if you think, well, it’s only me somebody else will donate $1 then 90% of the people are likely to think in the same way and we will fail in our mission to support the earthquake victims. So please act now and donate just $1 today.

We are sure you may have already donated or may think you've donated enough.. but are you kind enough to add one more dollar for this dollar initiative? Please rethink the spare change that lies in the unforgotten spot. That $1 may buy a fulfilling meal for those in need or a tent that may make the roof above their head.. Your $1 can make a difference to somebody's life.. Please rethink our fellow subscribers!! We have never asked for this before but now we really need it the most.

Please visit www.brainwaverc.com and click donate button. We are not asking much just a dollar to support the most vulnerable people out here.

Will you help today?


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Our Staff

Some of our team members.
We are a team of experts ranging from Doctors, Neurologists, Hypnotherapists, Olympic Mental Coaches, Dentists and Community Development experts. A unique combination of expertise allows us to make this tool available to the general public at a very affordable cost and at the same time, help us shape and support the poor and the most deserved communities that need basic medical and dental treatment.

      Mr Surya Prasad

      Chief Executive Officer

      Mr Surya Nepal having worked for GTZ helping and developing rural community for more than 13 years has got his great expertise and vision. He has turned his passion to help others into their lives and establish an organization driven by the idea that combines self-awareness, happiness, success and the rural community development.


      Dr Subodh Nepal

      Executive Director

      Dr Subodh Nepal, with his distinctive qualification in dentistry and public health has added another dimension to our team. His diploma in psychology and hypnotherapy enables the team to assess the benefits of homeostatic music and other biofeedback equipment.


      Dr Pankaj Raj Nepal

      Research Director

      An MBBS doctor by profession, Dr. Panakaj Raj has gained a lot of experience in neurosurgery while training as a Surgeon. He has always been interested in neurology and human brain functioning. His ample experiences in this field have allowed him to better understand patients and their behavior.


      Ms Binita Tripathee

      Operations Director

      Ms Binita Tripathee has joined our team members and continues to give her valuable input in our research based on her studies done on clinical hypnotherapy from a University of West London.Other than that, Ms Binita Tripathee has also acquired training in as a Dental Care Professional. Her training and experience is a great asset to Brainwave Research Center.

What We do

Brief overview of what we do.

Support Isolated Nepal

We provide basic health treatment, education resources and community support to the deprived isolated people of Nepal. Primarily, we support through rural medical and dental camps, where we use portable equipment to help those in need. We also provide resources to those living in poverty who cannot afford the medications that they need to survive. Patient also receives basic medical and dental treatments for free.
However, we need your help, without your support, we would not be able to help the people of Nepal who are in dire need of care. Your donation or purchase from our site will help fund basic medical or dental treatment, or even build a toilet, which can help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Our Projects.


Self Development

With the help of our doctors and professionals we produce self development recordings and books to aid in fund raising and therefore support global community too. Raising funds especially can be very difficult, therefore we have created self development products that supporters can buy in exchange for the fund that we want to raise. This way you get something in return at the same time you will be helping the people who are in real need. You can also send us funds directly if you are keen on funding any of our projects. Please ring Mr Surya Prasad or email us. Visit our store by clicking here.

Mutual Help

We can help you and you can help us too.
We can provide you with the music, binaural beats, e-books, guides, plans etc to help you achieve a desired mental state. In return you may help our community either by posting or liking our blogs, discussions, sharing them on social medias, purchasing products from the support store, generating sales as our partner etc.

      Let others know about us

      This generates visitors to our site

      Let others know we exist, share this on Facebook, twitter and other social medias. More people will get to know about our work and perhaps contribute and be part of our help hand. This is vital for us to keep extending our support.


      Participate on our discussion

      Help us make our site more active

      Answer discussion posts , comment on the post, Make a blog post, contribute to the discussion. More you participate more people will read our website giving us more exposure to the world, enabling us to raise funds. In addition if you make a blog post with your website or service link you will also get a good exposure.


      Funding from sales

      Raising Funds

      This generates fund to run our support project smoothly. We are currently in search of funding source to purchase portable medical and dental equipment so that we can help those that are living in rural, desolate areas. If you are able to donate or help us buy instruments or equipment, that would be extremely helpful to our overall cause of providing free medical and dental services to those living in poverty.



      Receive free download every month

      Certainly, not everyone will be able to afford to purchase products from our store, but we want every single visitor to benefit from our web presence. We will therefore be letting you download 1 product every month for free. Please subscribe to receive monthly download code.


      Become our partner

      Help us raise fund

      Are you interested in helping the isolated human of the world? Can you help us raise fund by generating sales? If so please join us and receive up to 40% per sales on online products. Please email us if you need further assistance.

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Please use the form on the right side to contact us. If it is something you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to give us a ring.

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  • Mr Surya @ (+977) 9803056697
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