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Characterizations and Definitions of Meditation

Characterizations and Definitions of Meditation


Characterizations and Definitions of Meditation:
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Meditation indicates a group of self-regulation methods which concentration to improve awareness and attention of controlling mental processes which will thereby result in mental health and to develop various capacities like concentration, clarity and calmness. Walsh & Shapiro (2006)
Meditation is used to explain various practices which self-regulate the mind and body, and impacts mental events through creation of particular attentional set and the main objective among various meditational techniques is to regular attention. Cahn & Polich (2006)
Meditation is definite as a conventionalized mental technique which is practiced repetitively with the aim of reaching a subjective experience which is considered as silent, restful and increased alertness and recognized as blissful. Jevning et al. (1992)
The requirement for meditator is training his attention, either through mindfulness or concentration and this is important component for all mediation techniques. Goleman (1988)

The influential reviews which are cited more than fifty times in psyc INFO which includes different methods of mediation.



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