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Delta waves in Dreams and consciousness

Delta waves in Dreams and consciousness


Dreaming and Consciousness

At first, dreaming was considered to happen in quick eye movement sleep, but it has been discovered now that it might also happen under slow wave sleep. The activity of delta waves is initially expressed through unconscious state and there is lack of physical alertness and also repetition of information. The delta wave activity is also considered to support the development of declarative as well as popular memory foundation.

Example of Binaural beats and Sleep:


Though majority of drugs which impact sleep are not completely stimulating the onset of sleep or interrupting REM sleep, there are various drugs and chemicals that have proved to change the activity of delta waves.

There is chemical called delta sleep-inducing peptide which creates delta wave activity in EEG as suggested by the name.

The alcohol will negatively impact soft wave sleep delta wave activity and will restrict impact of growth hormone through the pituitary. Muramyl dipeptide (N-acetylemuramyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine, MDP) have proved to enhance the activity of delta waves at the time of slow wave sleep.

There is a drug called Gabapentin which is made use for controlling the epileptic seizures and to enhance activity of delta waves and also SWS in adults. The hypnotic drugs will enhance the slow wave sleep but do not enhance delta wave activity and will improve the spindle activity at the time of SWS.

Another chemical known as GHB (Gabba-hydroxybutyrate) will enhance delta slow wave sleep and also other growth hormones associated with sleep.

Impact of Diet

Diets can differ in carbohydrates like ketogenetic diet which has proved to enhance the amount of slow wave sleep and delta activity amidst health individuals.



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