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Different Categories of Brain waves and their frequency range

Different Categories of Brain waves and their frequency range


Frequency range


Generally related to:

> 40 Hertz

Gamma waves

Increased mental activity like fear, consciousness, perception

13-39 Hertz

Beta waves

Active concentration and Anxious thinking, paranoia, cognition, arousal.

7-13 Hertz

Alpha waves

Pre-wake drowsiness, pre-sleep drowsiness, Dreams, REM sleep.

4-7 Hertz

Theta waves

NREM sleep, relaxation or deep meditation.

< 4 Hertz

Delta waves

Loss of consciousness of body, dreamless and deep sleep.

There is no global standard and precise boundaries could differ based on definitions.

The dominant frequency will determine your present state. For instance, if the brain alpha waves are dominating, they will remain in alpha state which will take place when a person is awake and relaxed. But other frequencies will also occur in small amplitudes. When the entraining frequency matches the beginning dominant frequency of the user, you can achieve an effective entraining. Hence, it’s suggested to begin with frequency close to the present dominant frequency which is around twenty hertz and then decreases slowly towards required frequency.

Pure sine waves seem bitter for certain people, hence a pink noise or background noise like river noise must be combined with the pure sine waves to produce a pleasant sensation. Apart from that whenever the beat is audible, the increase in volume must not enhance the effectiveness hence a low volume is suggested generally. A theory is suggested to decrease the volume such that it’s audible clearly, but it might not be always the case.

Example of Gamma Brainwave Entrainment:



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