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OM Sound Therapy

OM Sound Therapy


The importance of sound therapy

The notion that beats play an important part to spiritual, mental and physical healing of a person is no longer new. That’s why Om sound therapy is a real hit nowadays.

As a matter of fact, Pythagoras is the ultimate founder of this music-therapy concept. He believed that both rhythm and melody can reinstate harmony in the human soul. He also believed that music or sound is imperative to physical as well as spiritual health and it can give a lot of benefits to someone’s behavior, and since then until today there are a lot of notable individuals who agree on the same idea.

The benefits of Om sound therapy

At the moment, a lot of healers, educators, therapists and even doctors are applying the Pythagorean theories of sound therapy. They truly believe that sound, music, voice, and harmony are the key essentials to the healing of spiritual dilemma, emotional problems as well as physical ailments.

In metropolitan cities across the country, a lot of clinics are offering a wide selection of music-related treatments to reduce pain, stress and other sorts of human discomfort.

Largely based on the practices of the old Mongolians, Hindus, Tibetans as well as Buddhists, Gardner Gordon a well-known practitioner of meditation has discovered that the most beneficial sound production that mankind has ever known is called Om-sound therapy. It is a long and soothing sound that is very common to a lot of cultural traditions across the globe and it is also known to be the best sound used by Buddhists and Hindus.

However, a lot of people who are not into “Om sound therapy” think that it’s just a sort of hip noise popularized during early 1960s to 1970s trying to unfold the Eastern philosophy.

Gardner Gordon, together with other practitioners of meditation believes that OM-sound therapy has a deeper effect into someone’s being. It is indeed a perfect way to alleviate stress that you acquire from a day-long of work.

Perfect way to enjoy Om sound therapy

Few of the most noteworthy as well as thought-provoking facets of Om-sound therapy is that it is free, comfortable, and natural and anyone could learn it right away. For most people, they find sound therapy more effective compared to meditation.

Usually, the person only need to sit in a dark room, of course it should be quiet and spacious enough to accommodate you, then you can start experimenting with the different sounds until you are fully satisfied with it. If later on you find the sound a little displeasing to you, you may look for another sound that would put you back in perfect mood.

Once you found a new sound, make sure to take a simple deep breath and slowly exhale. After the successive process of breathing in and out, you would feel relaxed and feel the tonal vibration deeply reaching your body.

Within eight to twelve tonings, you’d feel a real difference, calmness and sexual awareness. Most people find that a 10-minute session everyday makes a great change in their lives. If this method of sound therapy didn’t work for you the first time, expect that it’ll work the second time. Sometimes, it takes time to get used to something. So relax and enjoy the Om sound therapy now!



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