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Kundalini Meditation

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Smritiparishuddha Swaroopshunyev Arthamatranirbhasa Nirvitarka

Above holy chant has been derived from Insight Vision on Yoga Thesis on Kundalini Meditation.Chant means when the memory of past experience is completely purified…


Kundalini Meditation

Above holy chant has been derived from Insight Vision on Yoga Thesis on Kundalini Meditation. Chant means when the memory of past experience is completely purified and become empty of meaning and is merely the natural effulgent luminosity, the master of the kundalini meditation have direct experience of kundalini meditation beyond of analytical thought.

The kundalini is a “corporeal energy” (an invisible power point in the body) which enables the practitioner to win over body, mind, and soul. The ancient yoga guru Patanjali says that the one who practices yoga and controls all the chakra is capable to tackle any tough situation in life. The body of practitioner is fully resisted to any health ailment known to the mankind. The yoga practitioner with expertise on kundalini meditation would have strong and stable brain that would produce more creative ideas and would never let go down with any stress, tension or mental burden.

Subliminal messages that are synchronized with holy binaural beats help in kundalini meditation without doing much effort. It is proved that subliminal content directly deals with human subconscious mind without interfering into other bodily tasks. The conscious mind remains unknown about how subliminal messages get into the subconscious brain and set inspirational quotes as the target to achieve. That is why, the rhythm with soothing beats carries subliminal message to the brain irrespective of the listener who is engaged in other act. Simply playing subliminal messages with binaural beat can resonates kundalini and inspires the brain and turns it into optimum level of self-awareness and confidence.

Many holistic healers believe that daily practice of listening to binaural beat helps to concentrate on kundalini chakra inside the body that unveils the truth of divinity. Mastering on kundalini chakra meditation practice improves the brain and cleanses past memories that may worry and demotivate the person. Purification of memory happens when kundalini meditation is performed on a daily basis. This purification helps in disappearance of bad thoughts, dull thoughts, filthy knowledge, and all negative thoughts that interfere with the person’s progress.


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