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Understanding Isochronic Beats

Understanding Isochronic Beats


You can visualize all your dreams and at the same time, unwind by listening to isochronic tones so you can start reaching your goals in the future.

Unless your goal is to change a particular habit, win over addiction, or just about anything else, isochronic tones will surely help you realize your goals faster.

The isochronics are created in single beats which is usually controlled manually to get a hold of the desired frequency. This one is very new in brainwave entertainment technology.

 A lot of experts say that isochronic beats are more efficient when paired with visual stimuli.

The advantages of Isochronic Beats over Binaural Beats

  • One of the advantages offered by isochronic tones over binaural tones is the fact that the beats of the former can be use without headphone. Yes, you read it right! You can use it by playing on a loudspeaker mode and yet still get the same effect. However, it is important that the isochronic beats be listened to at the right frequency or volume to maintain its effectiveness.
  • With isochronic tones, you can use any music sound system when listening to isochronic tones but be sure that it is loud enough to block outside noises yet fair enough not to cause you headache after listening. Personally, I would recommend using head-phones to enjoy its maximum benefit.
  • Apart from comfortable usage, there are still other benefits that you could enjoy. The tones used in isochronic tones are simpler to compose compared to binaural tones. And because binaural beats are composed of two separate tones played in each ear, it’s unsuccessful in targeting both hemispheres of the brain.
  • In using isochronic tones, you are stimulating both ears thereby affecting both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

isochronic beatsIsochronic tones versus Binaural tones

Studies revealed that when both isochronic and binaural tones were compared through a technology called EEG, the former can penetrate deeper to the brain as compared to binaural beats. So the moment you use isochronic tones, the effect on your physical as well as emotional state is thoroughly enhanced.  With isochronic tones, you are surely making the right decision!

Listening to Isochronic Beats

At times, particular tones are being composed at a minimal or low volume. In cases like this, you may need to turn up the music system to clearly listen to the sound. Not listening to appropriate volume can also affect or damage the beats’ effect.

Usually, it is recommended by most experts to use headsets or headphone when listening to isochronic tones. But in case you want to hear other background tones, you are not restricted to use the standard music system.

Clearly, isochronic tones are being used to help in relationship building, improve self-esteem or confidence, promote better sleeping habit, build up health and improve memory, boost motivation, enhance spiritual awareness and health and most of all, remove emotional as well as mental blocks.

Isochronic beats, once used properly would surely give you an optimum effect. It will allow you to improve your life as a whole and it is a good way to improve yourself.

Example of Isochronic Tones:



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